By Denmo Ibrahim

Produced by Alter Theatre Ensemble

Supported by National Endowment for the Arts

World Premiere!

Starring: Denmo Ibrahim*

Production: Joseph Amic-Angelo, Ann Brebner, Wiljago Cook, Logan Ellis, Jeanette Harrison, Norman Kern, Janice Koprowski, Christine Plowright

* Member of Actor's Equity Association

In this new comedy from celebrated physical performer Denmo Ibrahim, freedom and family collide when an Egyptian immigrant’s search for the American dream leads his American-born daughter on a quest for home.

ecstacy | a waterfable

written by Denmo Ibrahim
directed by Evren Odcikin

Commissioned and produced by Golden Thread

featuring Bobak Bakhtiari, Deborah Eliezer, Bora "Max" Koknar, Cec Levinson, Garth Petal, Nora El Samahy*, Alika Spencer and Heidi Wolff
(artist bios)

Music Composed by Vince Delgado, Roman Kosins
Design Team: Wesley Cabral, Jarrod Fischer, Sarah Al Kassab

In Ecstasy, stories are written in water, spells are cast through washing, and to drink either creates your life or rips it from you. In this dangerous water world, three uniquely lost characters struggle to remember and pray to forget.




Created and performed by Joseph Estlack, Denmo Ibrahim, Leda Lum, Celeste Martinez, and Christopher W. White

Produced by Mugwumpin

In residence at The EXIT

By shamelessly unmasking your obsession with the American hero, Mugwumpin’s latest ensemble-created assemblage investigates various heroic archetypes and their sway over our culture. Original and found music, text, gesture, and sheer freakishness conjoin to create a stunning visual and physical experience. Mugwumpin’s parallel universe reveals the myths that live among us.

Dead were all the heroes. Until now.